Outdoor Photographer

Being an outdoor photographer is in my genes. Many people have heard the word outdoor, but for many the definition of outdoor is not necessarily very clear or precise, and therefore the definition of outdoor photographer is not self-evident. For some, outdoor is primarily a sector of activity, for others it has become a way of life, a mentality.

It is clear that outdoor covers many outdoor activities, supported by the outdoor industry, which has been designing and distributing innovative technical products for years.

But outdoor activities also go hand in hand with a particular state of mind, a way of life, almost a philosophy.

As a professional photographer and outdoor enthusiast, I have a sensitivity to products and spaces that allows me to capture a moment in time, whether it’s a product shoot, an athlete’s portrait, photos of a hike, a mountain bike outing, a trail, or even photos of a ski outing, whether it’s freeriding or exploring a tourist destination.

Among the outdoor activities that I practice, here is a non-exhaustive list of those in which I have already been asked to produce outdoor photo reports:


Here are some outdoor activities (unclassified and non-exhaustive list):

– Hiking, walking and trekking
– Running, trail running, triathlon
– Mountain biking and cycling
– Camping and bivouac
– Paddling
– Rollerblading and longboarding
– Climbing and mountaineering
– Snowboarding, spliboarding, skiing, ski touring and snow sports
– Canyoning and rafting
– Wakeboarding and wakesurfing


As we have seen, the term outdoor is also synonymous with the art of living in the open air, in harmony with nature. For many, it is a real way of life.

Off the grid, outdoor, in the open air… all these ways of understanding things have one thing in common, a love of the simple things of nature. If you like to breathe the wind, feel the sun or the rain under your head, roll in the mud or sit in the wet grass then welcome to the outdoor life!

I invite you to discover my work on some outdoor sectors:

– Shooting of outdoor products

– Corporate photos of tourist destinations

– Photos of outdoor athletes

– Photographs for outdoor website content