As a corporate photographer, I work on all types of professional portraits and offer different styles. I take great pleasure in shooting corporate photographs as well as meeting all the professional sectors! I can advise you in the conception or I can also take part in your project already thought and concretize your vision by bringing you my experience of corporate photographer.


Having worked in the luxury real estate industry for several years, I know the approach and the stakes of these reports. Each real estate agency has its own style, I can adapt or advise you on how to highlight a particular property or your entire property portfolio. Angles, equipment, views, location, exteriors, photography for real estate is technical and the stakes are high, I like to take up all these challenges!


Having a significant experience in marketing and communications, I know how important the image of the destination is. The visuals must be in line with the brand’s values. I can intervene on several themes, such as landscape, action, situation, aerial drone photography, etc… The content can thus feed several media (website, social networks but also brochures and magazines).


Product photography is your company’s primary brand image. A photograph should catch the eye, and a product photographer should convey the values of your company. This is the beginning of marketing. Whether you are an industrialist, a retailer, a craftsman or a tourism professional, I can take pictures for your website, your catalogues, brochures or your e-commerce sites.

And if you want product pictures to communicate on social networks, advertising, corporate brochures or simply your website, I adapt to your needs, your desires and the result you want to have. The shooting can take place at your company, with the staging you want, inside or outside, in a particular universe or in a photo studio. Let’s talk about it together!


I accompany professionals in their corporate events and deliver quality event photos. Every event has its objectives and I strive to make them visible. Your image as a professional and the message you want to convey are important. I like to pay tribute to the events that are organised.